Another Year Older

                   Another Year Older

How fast time goes by. It feels not that long ago my son was born. I turned 35 this year. I am so blessed in so many ways.

This has been an incredible birthday. Thank you all that took the time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday. Another year older. Another year to smile constantly. Another year I am optimistic. Another year of a lot of negative people that simply will never phase me.

Another year of positive people who will inspire me. Another year to watch "writers" realize their talents and keep going. Another year to respect the journey more than ever.  Another year to embrace life's challenges, ups, and downs. Another year of adventures. Another year to be your neighborhood cop. Another year to be thankful for every breath.

Another year to write my own script. Another year to train in new police officers. Another year to rep each step. Another year to guide and love Austin while I continually learn that I get more in return than I could ever provide. Another year to cherish my beautiful girlfriend.

I see daily the love for life so many of you have which combined with the forward steps, as simple likes and comments could never justify the true respect I have for so many of you. With each year I realize the inspirational power we offer when we notice each other more. Stronger!


I wrote this when my son turned 7. He is such a great kid. He loves life. He is passionate about so many things. He is caring, kind, and sincere. I am so lucky to be his dad.

                         My Son/My World

Happy birthday Austin (Mr. 7 now). To the kid with work ethic and drive that insists on helping me mow the yard. Happy birthday.

 To the kid that loves rivers, hiking, playing, and adventure. Happy birthday. To the kid who loves lifting weights with dad as he shows a sincere passion for growing stronger in his body, mind, and heart. Happy birthday. 

To the kid that loves to visit the animal humane society simply to show love to the animals. Happy birthday. To the kid that can walk up to a giant Irish Wolfhound with respect, kindness and confidence. Happy birthday. 

To the kid that brightens my life with every ounce of his passion for breathing and his great big heart. Happy birthday. I love being this kids dad!