Behind The Badge

All the negative talk and rant about police lately has me thinking of what I personally see daily. I don't say much as I want you each to feel how you feel.

I simply hope you see with your own eyes all the good things police officers do. This career is not easy. So many reasons to walk away. So many reasons to jump out of this fishbowl. Yet, I don't see anyone quitting.

I only see resolve to see this all through. With all this judgement and scrutiny, I see strength to continue forward. Our police officers experience devastation, strain, headaches, backaches, and darkness not easily explained. These aren't ordinary people.

These people take on their own problems and they take an oath to take on the problems of you and me. Our police endure so much.  Our police are put in situations that are ambiguous and dangerous.

This next paragraph gives a small glimpse into one of our very own who is now retired.

"He's a true and genuine man. I saw him exit his squad in the rain once, walk across the pick up garbage someone littered on the roadway. INTEGRITY"