The Amazing Pit Bull

I got my American Pit Bull Terrier named Brutus after I had researched this amazing breed for many years. I drove several hundred miles to get my puppy I had picked out. I knew I was getting the true American Pitbull Terrier and with that came responsibility. 

I knew his drive, gameness, and heart were from very special stock. With love, belief, training, and guidance I see his heart beats with only love. He has shown me that kindness brings out the very best. He is a Pit Bull and he is very special. He is an athletic and majestic brick with agility, speed, gameness, and will. Leading all this is a true heart. 

Love, nurture believe, teach, guide, and provide wings. True hearts have been tested and with love and trust, strength is only enhanced. Believe in goodness and watch as greatness becomes exceptional.

This puppy has been my symbolic representation for all his breed stands for. I was fortunate enough to get this guy at 8 weeks of age. He has a spirit so strong, a body so capable, a heart so devoted, and a loyalty that humbles me. 

We have socialized him by going to dogparks. He has learned to run in packs. He gives me more than I give him. He is an inspiration!


"The Eli/Cottingham collision, bloodline enhancement with precision, when register of merits meet to make them driven, that's not where this ones living, not confined to chains in yards like a dark and lonely prison, to ignore its history would make owning one a poor decision, to whisper love sees past his purpose to see his heart as he has risen, no matter where we come from teach and guide that's the lesson we are given." - Kyle