Cops Kid Looking up

Three years ago my son was a police officer for Halloween. He loves that his mom, dad, and stepdad are all the police. When we all leave for work, this is who is on our mind as we walk out that door. This is the face we see when a 911 call comes out as we go forward to the unknown.
This is the face that reminds us along with our oath and heartfelt commitments to grasp tightly to doing the right thing in our careers and our lives. These eyes look up as we walk out that door. He says "Be safe I love you." He knows the three of us will be safe because in his sweet mind we are like super heroes that snuggle him, read with him, take him to fun places, are strong and courageous, and love him.
Our hugs when we come and go are momentary but with a little extra squeeze for he is our reason to never become complacent or physically or tactically unfit. As he believes so strongly in us, I ask you to do a few things during your day. Know that although we are not all perfect (all careers and all people), nearly all of us really do care, really do believe in kindness, really do believe in a better world.
These blue eyes of wonder, trust, and hope inspire my life and give me strength. Blessed dad, blessed boyfriend, blessed police officer, blessed strongman athlete, blessed to be breathing. Enjoy the day. Like I say often to my son "Chin up and chest out." Stronger.