Dad Volunteers at School

              I volunteered at School

I signed up to be a volunteer at my son's school. He is in the first grade. I arrived at the school this morning. I signed in and received my shirt and nametag for the day. I was excited but had no idea what to expect. 

I had a full itinerary in which I visited each grade level, read to kids, read with kids, listened to kids read to me, participated in gym, monitored hallways, pushed in chairs, plugged in Ipad's, sat with kids at lunch, helped keep everyone doing the right things at recess, and lots more that wasn't on the itinerary.

I have been out of school for a while. Things are a lot different in 2015 than they were for this 80's guy. The kids have Ipad carts that hold numerous Ipad's with chargers, computers all over the place, math, reading, and spelling games. There's was technology everywhere. The kids seemed to understand technology beyond my wildest imagination. I remember being in 6th grade and computers were just getting big. The ones we had were big and noisy with slow startup. Now look at these computers, wow!

There were some things I noticed that made me smile. Many of the first graders have unlaced shoes or a string or two hanging. I was asked to tie 6 different shoes today. I assume many of the kids at this age are trying to be independent hence the laces like that.

 I sat at lunch with a girl that mentioned she had a loose tooth and moments later she had a tooth in her hand and a panicked look on her face. I walked with her to the nurses office. I was able to see teachers interact with the kids. I saw one teacher show a 1st grader how to tie his shoes. I watched a teacher take a moment to remind a kid how smart he was and how much she believed in him. 

When I was in 3rd grade, I had a teacher by the name of Mrs. price that believed in me so much. I had moved from California to Minnesota a few times over when I was a kid and I switched schools a lot. I was shifted around so much it left me behind on some things. She found every opportunity to not only teach me above and beyond the norm, but she ensured I believed I was smart. I was changed for the better from this incredibly talented and gifted teacher. If anyone ever asked me who my greatest teacher was Mrs. Price is mentioned immediately.

This has been a great experience for me. I was able to take a step back in time or maybe a step forward in a way. I was able to be in my son's school and hear him brag to his friend's that his dad was there today. I was able to see my son's smile when he would look up at me. I was able to eat lunch with him as he explained how to get a tray, order, pay with his lunch code, and where to put the tray when we were done. I was able to see the future of our world in elementary form as I wondered who they will become and what influences they might have on our world.

Teachers are some of the most devoted, caring, talented, unconditional, emotionally intelligent people in our world. Thank a teacher every chance we get. There really is not a more important career than one that guides our children to take on the challenges of adulthood.