Dogs are Family

I've been around dogs throughout my lifetime. I speak for many when I say many of us are all about our dogs.

I've read your posts when you visit the animal shelter and decide on your new friend. I have seen your pick of the litter whether that means the big brute alpha that will push and test at every stage of puppyhood, the low key docile puppy, or the runt of the litter that shows heart to survive although getting to the food ends up leaving him in the back waiting.

I have seen your good ole' dog that gave all he had in loyalty to you and your family. I have seen you go from a dog family to a dog and newborn baby family as adjustments were made. I have watched you try to make sense of the loss of your 14 or 15 year old dog and best friend when rainbow bridge called her home.

Dogs really are family. Dogs are unique in the way they selflessly live for us. Their entire purpose isn't in tasks as much as it is in giving their hearts to us. The Malinois working patrol, the Siberian Husky anxiously awaiting the winter to come, the Labrador Retriever with its instincts fully aware that hunting season is fast approaching, the Golden Retriever that gracefully and with loyalty allows your kids to pull on his ears and jump on his back, the Doberman Pincher that you swore was a demon puppy with mischief at every turn but looking at year two with his majestic stance and great big heart you see a level of wisdom that most people do not have.

The mixed breed Heinz 57 that lived to 17 years old with no health problems to your line bred pride and joy with form and/or function at the forefront and a 9 generation certified pedigree that is framed and discussed whenever family and friend's see it on the wall. The dog your grandma had that patiently let you crawl on as a kid. The dog down the street when you were growing up that was always tied up outside and you brought treats and patted his head and he was happy.

Dogs big, small, medium, inside, outside, worker, protector, weekend warrior, extreme or lazy we love our dogs. Dogs are family.