First Real Job

The Pickwick Restaurant in Duluth is where I had my first real job. I learned to wash dishes, bus tables, help customers, handle time management, peel potatoes, peel carrots, scrub pots, and so much more.
That was just the surface as I learned to work hard and do things right. I learned to show up on time and only leave when the job and tasks were complete. I learned how to move faster when things got busy. I learned how to take pride in my work regardless of recognition or even the pay received.
I would finish a night with sore hands from scrubbing pots and pans. I had the toughest hands desensitized to heat from handling hot dishes fresh out of the dishwasher. The memories of walking to and from work. The memories of the owner Steve being intense with high expectations. The memory of him also taking that few seconds to ask how you were doing before work related things were even mentioned.
A list of great people that helped shape my work ethic, purpose, dedication, and pride in work and life. I have gone there over the years and with each few years, I know less of the people working but in a way I feel I know them all.
I see the pride in what they are doing throughout the various job titles. My first real job at the Pickwick is one of the most important experiences in my life.