If today was it and tomorrow wasn't ours, we would hope when darkness falls tonight that somewhere in the stars, was our purpose as bodies and hearts have many scars, a legacy of life is built in precise steps that carry us far.
In the moments of this day find a way to take the time, find a lonely soul to heal and take their heartache as a sign, we all say we're doing fine but stop to care let compassion bind.
The mirrors of life reflect a common aspect to each other, find balance to not ignore and to not smother, we notice one another see a sister see a brother.
Red and blue together add some black, brown, and white, we all have broken pieces shades of grey and wrong and right, some aspects of day and night.
The greatest breath I ever took just happened once again, forward with compassion to the end, with this life I am bestowed my constant goal is to be a better friend.
I hope to be a better dad and son, a smile and warriors heart ensure my missions not yet done, find ways to always laugh and have some fun.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed and each day is filled with blessings, all the people I could help but in compassion I have learned my greatest lessons.