My Beautiful Girlfriend

I am so lucky to even know you. I am so lucky to be your guy. I count my blessings constantly. You make me and my life so complete. You live your life with passion and enthusiasm. You live your life with presence and sincerity. You live your life with purpose and distinction.
You're always there for your mom, dad, and brother and make them all feel important. You always are so supportive of your family, friends, me, and everyone.

I think of how much you do for those around you. You are smart, sweet, kind, caring, beautiful, compassionate, dedicated, fun, joyous, sincere, creative, and on and on.
You are charismatic and although you are tiny, you're also larger than life in so many ways.
You've met most of the big name country stars, most of the Minnesota Wild, and some of the most prominent people around the world. Yet, you take time for everyone whether anyone knows them or not.
You help others without one concern for what you might get out of it. You see people. You take the time for others. You are a healer, a helper, and a leap beyond the norm. You are an incredible person. You are energetic and driven. You are a gem of a person. You're appreciated. I love you.