My Dad

I am so blessed to have such an amazing dad. I am in awe of his strong will and determination to see his way through everything life has ever tossed at him. He has something special that people search a lifetime for and that is mental strength.
God has blessed me by making him my dad. Some people have things come easy in life. Some people receive things by no hard work of their own. He is not one of those people. He is great because with everything he has earned it. He never quits even when things get hard. When all odds are against him, he comes out ahead and on top.
Health, money, difficulties, etc; a pattern exists that dictates he will conquer. I look up to him for his consistent commitment to my mom, our family, his morals, and his values. I look up to his work ethic, his compassion, his strength in the face of adversity, and his outlook. 
I look up to him for his sacrifices, his honesty, and his courage. I look up to him for his discipline, his determination, and his life passions. It brings me great honor to be his son. I pray I have the strength buried deep that he has had all his life. 
You are an amazing dad and I realize more every single day how fortunate I have been and continue to be. Thank you for always being my rock in life. Thanks for being my example and my guide.