My Grandpa

My Grandpa (RIP) holding my son almost 7 years ago. What a sight I will hold in my mind and heart forever. One aging and slowly weakening. One small and slowly strengthening. 
All the intellect, science, politics, power, and answers can't come close to the higher meanings of a picture like this. Life starts and ends and that is a fact we all have faced, are facing, or will face. 
It's the stuff in the middle that allows us to leave this world with footprints that we were more than just here. It's returning the nurturing and love to those aging around us. It's being the guiding light for the ones small and needing it. It's remaining patient for those turning away from us. 
It's taking a walk with people knowing they may just have a story to share with us. It's continuing forward through all the obstacles that stand between us and our true essence and purpose.
My grandpa was and always will be my hero. He was strong and wise. He was steadfast and kind. He was honest and real. He was bold and hard-working.
I am so glad my son was able to be held by one of the most influential and greatest men in my life. My grandpa is my hero.