Passion for Strength

When I was a kid, I used to think strength was in the muscles. I would load a barbell with a few 45 pound plates. If I could lift it when most in the gym couldn't, I might have been strong. I grew up from that point and learned the right mindset combined with strong muscles really added to the equation. Suddenly my lifts went up even more.

A few years went by and I began to harness the value of heart in the equation which gave me the ability to lift even more weights. As life has continued forward and I continue to learn how much mindset and heart are necessary to weight lifting. I have also learned what true strength is. As muscles are strengthened by mindset. As mindset is strengthened by heart, passion, forward, and try.

Not just once and yet not often, I have sat in a patrol car after a terrible call as tears quietly ran down my face. As I held my grandma's hand as the heavens began calling her home. As I listened to my mom's wisdom and advice as she and I talked in her hospice room the night before she was called to God's Kingdom.
As I stood in the church in honor of my grandpa as I read a handwritten eulogy about my hero in life.

As I watch people discredit and hurt one another in this often cruel world. As I continued forward with the right mix of love, strength, courage, mindset, and heart. As a young boy I learned strength was more than muscles. It was more than mindset. It was more than heart. As an adult I continue to learn that strength comes into so many things. Lifting comes into so many things. Mindset and heart are strength.

Life is a gift and with each breath I am thankful. So many lessons. So many questions as I seek answers and have more questions. So many wonderful people that have given me the ability to even handle when I had to say goodbye.

Like lifting is dynamic, so is love. To love someone to the point you feel you could not go on without them. Yet, soon realize their lessons and guidance are why you continue forward with a smile. The big picture of life, heart, mindset, forward, grace, strength, and love.

These things I continue to learn as I see that all of life is conjoined and strengthened from every experience. Stronger.