Passion in Policing

Policing is a great big passion of mine. Helping people is so important to me. Police officers put up with a lot of things. This career is not easy. There are real risks. There are calls and scenes that are terribly sad. There is really no bottom. Every call and traffic stop could be simple or it could be tragic. There is a reality that most don't ever have to see. 

This isn't about some area down south or a department out east. Or the ghetto. Or the affluent areas. This is about your town. This is about your neighborhood police officer. This is about you. This is about your life and the direction we are watching things going. Every police officer is a son, daughter, mother, father, uncle, aunt, friend, and partner. 

Every single shift has the potential to be the last. Think about that for a second. The hug and kiss before you venture into the unknown to your bright eyed little boy or girl, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, or whoever you hug and kiss before leaving your home has a moment cling and seriousness. 

This day could be it. This is not thousands of miles away, this is in your neighborhoods. We all need to show disgust for the murders of police officers pumping gas. We need to say enough with the race baiting and hatred for each other. 

We all need to stand up and show that we won't tolerate that there is hate for a community minded individual that followed his or her heart and pursued a difficult field in law enforcement. 

Sitting still saying nothing is unacceptable. I am in it, will not back down, am standing up saying please show support to these hard working men and women in law enforcement.

It is up to you and me. The right thing isn't to sit and watch our country bust at the seams or erode from the inside. If we all say enough is enough we will be stronger. Whether you love a cop, know a good cop, have military or public service (fire, paramedic, nursing, teacher) under your belt or in your heart stand tall.

I have more respect than I can articulate in this for the races and faces that represent our great country. Together we stand. If you're supportive be supportive. 

We need you right now. Regardless, when I go back to work and put it on the line I will do it with honor like all the police officers I know do. I have police officers that are my brothers and sisters and I don't see them as this race or that or this gender or that but instead my brothers and sisters. 

When you hug your family like I do when I leave for work, think of that hug and how it would feel if it may be the last. This is a tough tough career and through it all I have not seen a single police officer hang it up and walk away. Your police officers are very strong, committed, and dedicated to the end. 

We are lucky for that. Think of the great candidates in academies and classes knowing they are going into this right now. Think if they turned away and the good ones disappeared. What if ones with quit in their hearts signed up and when it gets tough walk away. Feel fortunate. Like good backup on a fight call or a traffic stop going bad.

There is nothing like the sound of sirens and a brother or sister getting out of their squad car with one goal in mind which is to help you. They aren't thinking about avoiding things to ensure they go home, they are showing up ready to help. 

This career is deeper than the changing times. I knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was 5 years old. I continue forward that is all I know. 

Forward with purpose. Look out for one another.