Police Family

Work more but don't make your family wait, don't drive too fast just don't show up late, see the same perpetrators victimize as it makes it from the eyes to the soul but don't hate, every ounce of your being screaming self preservation of your fate,

This is the worst time in history to be a cop, when will this nightmare stop? When will the blue line curl up and put the criminal element on top?

We have the strongest group of individuals with an oath to see this through, misunderstood and analyzed with YouTube channels of hatred too, the ones who continue with shift work, bandwagon agendas at their expense, and race baiter news, the courageous few that protect a piece of cloth of red, white, and blue and put their life on the line for you,

These aren't the darkest days in a police officer's life, put yourself in their night when they have a call in some alley with an update about a man with a knife, then see a suicide and have to tell his wife, a career of trials, tribulations, and strife.

A keen awareness of a calling is in the heart, for the chosen few it was there from the start, and regardless of the political climate changes the need to help others when it matters they'll never part.

No greater work than to protect the innocent from the predators that prey, every night and day we pray, that all will be ok, but instead of sitting back to complain, there are police officer's with fortitude and courage in their veins, who refuse to lay, devoted and character hearted cops that continue finding light in patrol beats turned dark and gray, we are a strong representation of the times, all our ways.

The news station lies, all the cries, all the sighs, all the why's, if we all don't work for forward and a brightening of the sky's.

I'm not sure what our future holds but I do know this, the ones who took an oath for you don't do it for fame, fortune, or a life of bliss, the daily risk, the challenges compiled would be a daunting list.

Every police officer has walked many dark and dreary halls, blood stained walls with echoes of near nightmare calls.

Please know we will never quit on this, as a tear falls down America's cheek we will continue to stand for justice.

If you have a police officer in your life that you love and or believe in, stand up for him or her immediately. Enough is enough.