Police Funerals

I have been to too many funerals of law enforcement officer's in my nearly 13 years in this career. Too many would be one. I have been to the funerals of nearly every Minnesota police officer killed in the line of duty in the past decade. I have stood as the bagpipes played and everytime it hits my soul immediately. I end up fighting tears within seconds.

I always feel so humbled, saddened, and honored to be in attendance. My prayers and thoughts go out to families, friends,  and all of the law enforcement officer's that put three life on the line day and night.

I have so much respect and admiration for the police officers that keep us all safe. Your neighborhood police officer sacrifices so much to do this often difficult and tragedy filled career. Every new friendship a police officer makes with a fellow police officer increases the chances each "officer down call" is a close friend. 

We continue to make such friendships knowing the loss will hurt that much more. After a police officer is taken from us, our police officers return to duty knowing the dangers exist at all times.

Regardless of area patrolled, size of department, or call load, our police officers put themselves in harms way.  Police officer's pay dues so vast in the form of unique stressors and strain. 

So many sacrifices give the badge on the chest a weight not even veterans of this field could comprehend. Although our hearts are often heavy, we continue with energy, courage, and devotion because our promise to serve and protect is a mission that won't ever be abandoned. 

God bless police officers families that pay a sacrifice so great also. It's a great honor to be a police officer although the difficulties are extreme.

Kyle Russeth