Real Friend

I think everyone needs a real friend. I sure have a few that have stood the tests of time. Real friend's are not ready to find. I would love to share a little bit about my real friend Jessi. I hope in your own way you have someone like this in your life. I always like to tell those around me what they mean to me. Here is how I feel about Jessi. Thank you for reading.

                         Real Friend

It sure is nice to have a real friend. Jessi, the kind of friend who is by your side through thick and thin. Jessi, the kind of friend who will answer your phone call at 3 am when you need someone to listen. Jessi, the type of friend who knows how to notice and appreciate others. Jessi, the type of friend who lends a helping hand when she worked all night and has yet to sleep. Jessi, the type of person that gives her presence, her time, her compassion, her sincerity, her sense of humor, and her ability to listen to us all.

Jessi, the person that drove out of her way for her friend that found a giant strongman tire as she helped him load it into her truck and then she drove 60 miles round trip to help get it into the garage. Jessi, the devoted firefighter who regardless of the call will always be there with courage, honor, ability, and heart. Jessi, the person that has strength of spirit that most do not have. Jessi, the friend that has had so much happen in the last several months with her mom's health, her grandma (RIP), terrible calls at work (RIP), her very good friend Chelsea (RIP), but she still manages to be a light for everyone else. Jessi, the one that always brightens the day. Jessi, the kind of person who is not commonplace, not the norm, not just floating through life.

She is exceptional. She is far from commonplace. She is far from the norm. She is going through life with a unique drive and charisma. Jessi lives by a code of courage, strength, honor, integrity, sense of humor, humility, work ethic, boldness, devotion, dedication, and passion. Jessi, the real friend when times are exciting and going well. Jessi, the real friend when everything is going wrong and doubts exist.

Jessi, the real friend when everyone has left your side. Jessi, the real friend when it's 11 pm and there's nothing going on and she meets up just to chat. Jessi, the real friend when you need a boost, need a chat, need a helping hand, need an ear, need a laugh, need some hope, need a reminder that you're important.

Jessi, the real friend that refuses to divide the police and the firefighters as she sees us as partners in service to our communities. Jessi, one of the strongest people I know. Jessi, the real friend that deserves to know how real you really are. Thank you sincerely for being so real.