Rest in Peace Friend

I was working patrol one day as a police officer and ended up on a situation I will never forget. My friend died in a fatal head-on crash. I helped tell the tragic news to her family, my girlfriend who was her best friend, and several other very close friend's of hers.

I will never forget her. I later was asked to read the following poems I created at the funeral for her. I created an individual and personalized poem for each of her family members. I wanted to help ease some of their pain, express myself, be there for them. I felt helpless but wanted to reach out to each of them.

I found a way to read these. I was so honored and yet almost felt undeserving to be up there talking. She was simply an amazing person.

She lifted everyone around get up. She will forever be in my heart and on my mind. Good bless her.
                          Forever Here:

Close your eyes for a second see her face, your friendship always showed time and distance wouldn't erase, your lifelong teammate in this rat race of life and it's been proven through life's strife and challenges, that you were and always will be best of friends, nothing truly ends and when you see her countless times today or in your dreams or messages that she sends, feel her hand touch yours when you're sad, feel her calming energy come over you when you're mad, no past tense can be even used love and closeness isn't what you had it's what you have, Chelsea lady let your colors fill the sky, put your wisdom in our hearts like you always have and help put peace on every why?, that we have, as your optimistic ways help put smiles in our sighs, Katy is my baby and one promise to you our loved one, is that I'll watch over her and we'll carry out your mission that isn't done, in your name we will continue to have fun, we will see the bigger picture believe in everyone like you did and still do, we'll try harder to be like you, we'll be a little more patient and forgiving just like you we'll honor each other to, my love and respect for all you are, you live in the sunlight and your glow is in a star, you are nearer aren't you friend yes you are never too far, all it takes is to open up our eyes, or just close them or to sit silently, shout out, or even cry, basically you're here, there, and everywhere, watching over us and doing yoga upstairs, with one foot on the ground, the other raised up in the air, your life will be honored as we step each step in your name, your candle light will live in us and we won't put out your flame.

             The brighter side of this:

You have an angel just for you, someone to hear you when you're feeling blue, like a personal GPS to guide you through, the happy times and memories, will carry themselves in leaves on trees, sunshine, and breeze, a special sister in a different way, go back in time to when you two would play, now songs in your heart and that connection stays, best friend's and sisters that stood the tests of time, when you see a butterfly see it as a sign, life can be a dreadful grind, feel it in your heart as she whispers you'll be fine, the aches and pains you're feeling now, won't completely go but trust and know, her soul will forever and ever glow, in every color she shined bright and true, those bright colors remain who knew that you, could end up with added strength and wisdom in your heart, dearest sisters forever together and never apart.

                       True Heart:

A beautiful girl gone but is she now? A bright and sunny soul remains let her show us how, Chelsea with your smile and laugh, concern for everybody likely just as concerned for the guy that hit her in the car crash, a true heart with a colorful life, a positive attitude through trials, tribulations, and strife, as you live in memories with your whispers of hope, the way you lived optimistically is suggested from you as we cope, when you would shift side to side with your hands clasped up to your face, head slightly turned to the side crack a joke smiling now a memory not erased, as you took me in no questions asked, gave me a hug were all giddy and we started to laugh, I saw your Facebook posts you were a writer too good attitude and full of hope, I didn't know you long, but with a bright aura I knew you could do no wrong, I was there to tell your family, Katy, and Jessi of this tragedy, my partners knew you were a friend they tried to keep me, from involvement but my heart knew, that to truly honor you, I showed up and let my heart lead the way, I hugged your mom, dad, and sisters and in my heart I began to pray, the warmth and love from each and everyone as we lit candles in your name, I walked the Stone Arch Bridge with symbolic light from you in my candles flame, I won't forget you and your genuine spirit, you made everyone feel loved I close my eyes your face I see it, no justification that you're gone, but I'll find you everywhere maybe in a country song, we'll keep your smile alive, these feelings we won't hide, and we know in time we'll meet again, I see you everywhere my friend.