Strongman Evan

I have been a student and at times a teacher but mostly a student of powerlifting, strongman, grip strength from grippers to bending, arm wrestling, and anything that has to do with functional training for most of my adult life.
Most everyone has there niche, passion, or interest and mine has always been to get stronger (physical, mind, heart, and expression). There is someone out there that exemplifies what I admire most in a strength athlete. His name is Evan and he is a person that combines physical strength, mental strength, ability, and heart into one strong individual.
He shows up to contests from Highland Games, strongman, arm wrestling, grip, etc. He does not live in a world of self doubt and fear. He arrives and takes care of business. He's humble. He's helpful. He's extremely strong.
We run questions by each other relating to strongman and arm wrestling. He is supportive and a leader. A huge amount of respect to a guy that makes me smile as I see a lot of myself in his enthusiasm for all things strength.
His drive for functional strength and willingness to throw down at any contest at any weight in any weather is why I wanted to do a shoutout.
What makes him stand out so much to me is he reminds me of someone about ten years back. In many ways he reminds me of that someone now but there will never replace that hunger and drive in the early twenties.
I look at Evan and it makes me want to flip a giant tire, deadlift a loaded bar, and load an Atlas Stone. I want to do all of that anyway but a lot more with this true motivator out there. Respect to a true strongman.