Strongman Strong

I have no gym membership. I have a cold, dark, and icelandic type strongman equipment filled garage. I train out here in the dead of winter and the hottest day in the summer. Loud music often replaces and fills the place of training partners. I train hard and with purpose to get add strong as possible from all angles and from platform to off center. 
My son loves to train strongman with me. If I am flipping tractor tires then he is flipping his truck tire. If it's boulder carries or loading he has his own small rock to join in. He cheers me on to do another lift as he yells "do it again dad!" 
He found himself on my back as we flipped these tires which we do often and it not only keeps him involved which he loves, but adds a new dimension to my training.
Strongman training with my son is incredibly rewarding for the both of us. I'm stronger because of strongman training but strongest because I get to be his dad. Enjoy the day!
I train strongman training and grip training unconventionally. I hang 160 lbs. of chains hung across my traps. I navigate the distracting swing of chains pulling and pushing while pinch gripping 2 25 lb plates smooth side out makes the individual lift increase later. Not concerned with just platform strength but strength from every plane and angle. 
What defines a great grip workout? For me it is lifts without bar wraps, pinch grip, Rolling Thunder fat bar, our homemade Rolling Thunder made with materials from Home Depot, Captain of Crush handgrippers, finger lift deadlifts (olde time strongman), 3/8th chain totaling 175 lbs draped across the traps for holds that once dumped off makes you feel like you're off the ground and floating.
Lots of laughter between sets. There is nothing like a great lifting partners and for me that lifting partner is my great friend Mike. We have been training for many years together. There's no replacing a training partner or friend like him.