We are survivors, they tried to break our hearts, they cursed us hurt us, and tried to tear our spirit apart, 

We continue forward as that is all we know, in a cops life there is no bottom there is no low, the darkness was put all over us yet we kept a stubborn glow,

It's in the trials and tribulations that our legacy was built, its the line of duty deaths as we stood teary eyed while many felt no sadness or guilt, it's our warrior hearts in a trench built for hell, we promise to never ring that quitters bell.

Cops hit the streets knowing they could die, often we see the heartbroken wife who lost her spouse, or a family with ashes where there used to be a house, or the predators victim with her torn blouse, or the pit in our stomachs of anxiety, chronic stress, and doubts,

Sheepdog hearts we share it as this oath and blue line were promises from the start, until the last breath and final beat of our hearts, we devote our lives serving in this chariot cart, 

Admire the ones that wouldn't jump the wall, respect those that risk death and pain for us all, let forgiveness all around be deep and vast, to work together for forward without repeating mistakes of the past, 

These things in each other I admire, gain strength, respect one another, so many lessons, never quit and count our blessings.