The Future Strongman

Since he was a newborn, he has been at many of my strongman competitions. He has flipped his truck tire while I flip my tractor tires. He carries my Captain of Crush hand grippers around with a unique fascination.

He watches me train and as I max effort two reps he claps and yells "do it again dad!" This always pushes me to gut out another few reps otherwise not tried. He is my training partner.

He deadlifts tiny boulders as I lift my boulders. His boulders seem to get larger each few months. He knows how to stand so his feet are out of the way. As he cheers me on in the garage as I train, shows all of his friends *our weights and strength implements*, asks to bring grippers to preschool show and tell for letter G and handgrippers to preschool show and tell for letter H.

He learns how to lift safely, how to be passionate about what he enjoys, how to be stronger but most importantly gentle and caring, and how to live for each breath. At 6 he is wise and seems to live for every breath. I am blessed for my son. Stronger.