The Perfect Match

My 7 year old son loves strength training with me. He motivates me constantly during my training with his enthusiasm. He helps me practice technique with arm wrestling. He's a great training partner in all the disciplines of strength sports and elsewhere.

The last time he was with me on the way to a contest, my music selection to get in the right mindset went from the normal music of DMX and Eminem to Macklemore "Growing Up" and Puff Daddy "I'll Be Watching You." Life has allowed my ears to understand such songs richly enough to draw more strength at the right moment.

I have been a humble and devoted student of strength in the disciplines of powerlifting, strongman, grip, old time dinosaur training, and arm wrestling. My greatest strengths really have come from life, lessons, and countless losses in sport, passions, and life which became wisdom and humility.

Whatever I embark on in my life, I do it with all of my heart. Life is a blessing. Do what you love and whatever happens be proud of yourselves.