The Police Calling

I was 5 years old seated on the floor. A police officer walked through the classroom door. He introduced himself, read, and read some more.

His bravery and courage were obvious to me. As a young kid I knew what I wanted to be. That book in one hand and the other on his knee.

He inspired me that day and I followed through. I kept my life unsullied to become one in blue. I went from recruit to brand new to veteran tried and true.

I've felt what its like to go through that door. A felon, a drug house, a crying kid on the floor. The unknowns, the hurting, the adventure, and gore.

I've been to funerals of police officers slain. As a tear ran down my cheek standing in the rain. I've seen the senseless deaths as I processed the pain.

I've trained in the newest and said bye to those retiring soon finished. I've fought for good attitude and to ensure my enthusiasm isn't diminished. I've resisted the numbness of the whiskey and Guinness.

I've said prayers for my partners, the troubled, you and me. I've seen the weakest find strength and the strongest that bleed. I've helped capture the wolves and helped sheep get freed.

Too many police officers get lost in the cracks. Those that pressure us and don't have our backs. Judgements from all when we have seconds to react.

The expectations of a police officer are extraordinarily high. A rare breed with skill, instinct,  and unbelievable try. Each shift asking why but forward knowing we could die.

God bless our police officers and keep us safe. With all the unknowns we'll answer the call at your place. Courage, honor, bravery, strength, and grace.

Be safe protectors.