The Real Pit Bull

A breed of dog that is incredible in so many ways. A breed of loyalty, intelligence, heart, unflagging courage, determination, spirit, resolve, focus, talent, forgiveness, athleticism, and love.
The breed is known as Pit Bull, Pit-Bull, Pitbull, APBT, Yankee Terrier, Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier or whatever we call them. A breed that has been chained, beaten, tested, culled, overbred, underfed, and left for dead. A breed that would apply every ounce of heart, soul, courage, and wag of her tail to simply do a task for a human leader that may our may not exploit such dedicated prowess and keen ability.
This breed is in need of ambassadors of respect and honor. This breed gives motivation to many as most who need a comparison for drive, power, and heart will be found saying "drive like a pitbull" "power like a pitbull" and "heart  like a pitbull" The Apbt will give its very life for its owner. 
The APBT will adapt and rise from being abused and exploited to climbed on by children in a family household. No breed has put up with as much as the pit bull.
This breed deserves love, research, respect, and devotion. This breed gives hope, light, and strength to all that need motivation to keep going forward through any adversity or challenge. The American Pit Bull Terrier is us.