Where I Grew Up

I am all grown up. I have lived in three states and several different cities in my lifetime. I am in my hometown this weekend with my seven year old son. I decided to take him on a drive around to show him a few places.

This drive was much more than a drive as I pointed things out and reminisced. I drove past where I went to elementary school. I saw the basketball hoops I used to play at. I saw the hockey rink I learned to skate. The same rink I broke my wrist. The same rink I learned to never quit as I was out there skating the next winter.

I drove past my grandparents old home. The home our family enjoyed so many holidays and memories of all kinds. I pointed out the backyard tree I used to climb.

I drove the 4 mile one way route I used to bike for two a day football practices. I thought to myself how incredible it was that I biked that 4 total times for those intense practices.

I drove past the high school I attended. I looked at the parking lot I used to park my 86 Buick Regal. The car I was so proud of and bought with my own money washing dishes.

I drove past my other grandparents home. The home all of us cousins used to play in as children. The big tree out front we all used to climb. The lawn I used to mow for my grandpa as he aged. My son asked me where my grandparents were and as I explained, I wished I could have hugged them again.

I drove the route home I used to walk from middle school. I thought of the walks to school with my best friend by my side on so many of those chilly mornings in Duluth, Mn.

There is nothing that will ever replace the special memories of childhood. I enjoyed this tour around town. I thought of my own son and the memories and experiences he is building including the drive around town hearing about my memories and experiences. Everyone should do this in the town they grew up in. Reminisce often.