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Cop Humor


Social Media Basics

I am an 80's kid working hard to understand and keep afloat with the ever changing technologies. Whatever year you were born, it is quite likely some of these social media platforms are new to you. There have been so many changes in the last few decades when it comes to technology and computers. I have been writing for the majority of my life with a focus on creative writing, research writing, and essay writing.

There are so many social networking sites, platforms, and ways information can be dispersed. I have learned so much and will do my best to explain all of this.


What is a blog? That is a good start for this post. If you know just move to the next paragraph. If you don't let's go over this. A blog is a type of website which has entries and/or posts. Blogs typically are updated frequently but there are differences in entry or post updates.

Blogs can have a single author or multiple authors. Blogs typically have a collection of entries that focus on a particular i…


Serve and Protect

Our police officers go through many sacrifices to serve and protect us all. Police officers or not, we all sacrifice and we all are fighting our own battles. We need to look out for each other. I am honored to be a police officer. I wanted to do this since I was 5 years old. To help, listen, problem solve, and protect is an honor. I will give my all to serve and protect whether I am liked, loved, hated, or cursed. I will keep coming back no matter what happens, is happening, or will happen. I won't quit on you or me.It is not easy. People do terrible things to each other and I can't always make sense of it. I do my best. People do amazing things also. My career is the fastlane of good, bad, and ugly with many situations that going near could stir up controversy. I go anyway as helping is in my heart. Every police officer I personally know or not would say the same thing. I am thankful I can be someone to look to in a time of need.In the back of my mind I train in strongman and…


Recently, in a conversation with my fellow law enforcement partner at work, he and I were discussing different terribly sad and gut wrenching calls and situations we have been on. We have seen our share in our police careers. I was born and raised from and around some of the strongest willed and hearted people that ever touched this world. I find the blessing in all things and no matter what, I know wisdom and strength become mine from all things. My mom died and I found her strength attached to my soul and heart. I struggle with her death every day but I find her beauty in so many great things in my every day. I do not feel pity, just resiliency. I do not whine I find grace and some stories that show I have lived. Plenty of sad and terrible things and situations yes. Plenty of challenges to my mindset and frustrations at life's harshness. All of that on a guy that is sensitive and open emotionally. Yet peace prevails along with honor to enjoy a real front seat view of a ride calle…

The Pit Bull Life

A good dog.

Stand Tall USA

My son came home from school with this in his backpack. Immediately I thought "GOD BLESS AMERICA!" This is our United States of America. We need to stand tall and proud in this country young and old alike. The races and faces that make us great need to unite! No coward controls our lives or attitudes. We need leaders and doers.  Kyle

Quit Smoking

I have no super secret tricks or gimmicks to quit smoking. I have learned a thing or two during this experience about the power of the mind, changing routines to change habits, and finding a way to actually enjoy the cravings as they actually are a unique thing you must experience.  The cravings became the sideways best part. Once I convinced myself of that I was able to stop feeling like I was missing out on something so awesome. I chewed sunflower seeds to give me something to do with myself. I was saving money and in charge as ever and it was a great feeling.  I am proof that quitting cold turkey can be done. I found a way to add up the money I was saving during a craving.  I finally quit nicotine and tobacco. I said enough is enough. I wanted it more than in the past. I was serious this time and nothing was going to stop me. I felt strong and focused. I was always saying I will quit smoking someday? Quit smoking next year? Quit smoking next month? Quit smoking next week? Quit smoking …

The Friendly Pit Bull