Recently, in a conversation with my fellow law enforcement partner at work, he and I were discussing different terribly sad and gut wrenching calls and situations we have been on. We have seen our share in our police careers.
I was born and raised from and around some of the strongest willed and hearted people that ever touched this world. I find the blessing in all things and no matter what, I know wisdom and strength become mine from all things.
My mom died and I found her strength attached to my soul and heart. I struggle with her death every day but I find her beauty in so many great things in my every day. I do not feel pity, just resiliency. I do not whine I find grace and some stories that show I have lived.
Plenty of sad and terrible things and situations yes. Plenty of challenges to my mindset and frustrations at life's harshness.
All of that on a guy that is sensitive and open emotionally. Yet peace prevails along with honor to enjoy a real front seat view of a ride called life.
Stronger always. I find the blessing in all things. I mean it, it is all attitude.