Quit Smoking

I have no super secret tricks or gimmicks to quit smoking. I have learned a thing or two during this experience about the power of the mind, changing routines to change habits, and finding a way to actually enjoy the cravings as they actually are a unique thing you must experience. 
The cravings became the sideways best part. Once I convinced myself of that I was able to stop feeling like I was missing out on something so awesome. I chewed sunflower seeds to give me something to do with myself. I was saving money and in charge as ever and it was a great feeling. 
I am proof that quitting cold turkey can be done. I found a way to add up the money I was saving during a craving. 
I finally quit nicotine and tobacco. I said enough is enough. I wanted it more than in the past. I was serious this time and nothing was going to stop me. I felt strong and focused.
I was always saying I will quit smoking someday? Quit smoking next year? Quit smoking next month? Quit smoking next week? Quit smoking tomorrow? There was always this extension to "next time."
How about quit smoking right here and right now for good? I smoked and chewed off and on for 16 years. What started as something fun and exciting later turned into a great big waste of money .
What used to be a few cigarettes a day turned into an increase over time to a pack a day. That is a lot of money spent and I usually bought a pack at a time and remained one pack ahead at all times. The average cost was over $8.00 a pack. I was throwing money in the wind and my health was slowly being destroyed.
I never thought I would have the answer to saving several hundred dollars a month but I do now. I didn't tease myself to failing later on with patches, gum, or habit switch justification. Those methods work great for many people but for me, cold turkey was my way.
I went on a four day trip to Texas that allowed my patterns to change. The change in patterns were a big component to my success. I quit cold turkey. I did not slowly step down or try any medication or fancy program. I have heard cold turkey had a big failure rate due to the strong desires that try to take over the first few weeks. I was prepared this time.
I told myself that no matter what I would not touch any source of tobacco or nicotine. I took it almost personally that something was trying to own me and control me. I wanted this.
I committed in my mind and heart. I committed past my excuses. I committed past the manipulation the mind can do to be satisfied from such an extreme addiction.
I promised my girlfriend and my son I was done with nicotine. I was tired of my pretty girlfriend standing in the cold with smoke blowing over her as she faithfully waited for me to smoke. I was tired of my son looking at his dad and often saying "smoking is icky dad."
I joined a quit tobacco support site which was a huge part to my success. This site which I upgraded and paid a few dollars for was a big part of this for me. The site allowed me to enter how much I had smoked and the cost per pack which allowed the savings future and health improvement fighters to come alive. The app even calculated health improvements, a support group, achievement awards which actually are fun to get, and the money saved was updated for each cigarette not smoked. 
This site updated me with certificates because of the days and weeks I had gone without tobacco and I received notifications on the money I saved. I continue to be able to chat with other members of this site to help curb cravings and get some much needed support.
When I would crave any source of tobacco, I would look at the amount of money saved. I had the enjoyment of always remembering my trips to gas stations were never focused on just buying tobacco.
I always seemed to buy food, beverages, and other random unnecessary items just because I was at the gas station. I was spending $15.00 once or even twice a day on cigarettes, chew, and whatever else I bought.
I barely need to go to gas stations now besides to buy gasoline. I am saving more money than I ever imagined. I have improved health, lung capacity, and improved sense of taste and smell. I have been saving over $400 a month from not buying tobacco, but also all the other stuff I no longer buy just because of opportunity.
I am doing so good on this money saving system called quitting nicotine. Don't quit unless it is your moment and be confident as you go forward. Once you commit just keep going. You can free yourself of this habit, just put your mind there and go once it's in your heart to do so. 
I feel like I got a serious raise at work. Like I said, I have no major tricks or gimmicks but I can say this might be the greatest top 7 list of your life. 
Key things to keep in mind:
1) Commit to quit.
2) Stop cold turkey if you can.
3) Change routine for the first few days.
4) Join a support group of some kind (see link at bottom.)
5) Remember to keep track of money saved.
6) Find new healthy hobbies, habits, and distractions.
7) Feel amazing and in charge of your life.
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