Serve and Protect

Our police officers go through many sacrifices to serve and protect us all. Police officers or not, we all sacrifice and we all are fighting our own battles. We need to look out for each other. I am honored to be a police officer. I wanted to do this since I was 5 years old. To help, listen, problem solve, and protect is an honor. I will give my all to serve and protect whether I am liked, loved, hated, or cursed. I will keep coming back no matter what happens, is happening, or will happen. I won't quit on you or me.

It is not easy. People do terrible things to each other and I can't always make sense of it. I do my best. People do amazing things also. My career is the fastlane of good, bad, and ugly with many situations that going near could stir up controversy. I go anyway as helping is in my heart. Every police officer I personally know or not would say the same thing. I am thankful I can be someone to look to in a time of need.

In the back of my mind I train in strongman and grip with the hope in an emergency I can lift a car or flip an object unheard of someday. I am almost 12 years into this career and I am joyous and ectatic to be a public servant for you. Let's heal and be stronger together. We all matter.

This is a 240 lb atlas stone. Duct taped in black with blue ribbon around the middle. Very heavy and tough to hold onto. For all the weight our law enforcement carries this lifts in your name.

In this moment which is a minor representation of a police badge; this stone is heavier than it looks, misunderstood, and hard to carry. Like our law enforcement where resiliency, heart, resolve, and devotion will always continue with honor. God bless our peacemakers and everyone. Stronger