A Great Day To Be A Police Officer

We are so honored to have the ability, attitude, strength, patience, belief, and mind strength to take these times and hold tight to believing in us all.

Helping people and being a police officer are in our hearts. This is not something we chose based on money, status, or "being cool." We chose this when it chose us and we are so honored with each and every step. This career would drop many people in their sorrows and we are over here smiling and embracing life with a belief in a better all of us.

Most police officers are like this. Some of the most committed, dedicated, and forward hearted people on this planet pin badges on their chests, kiss their loved ones to enter into the unknowns in the streets, and refuse to jump on and off the bandwagon, and instead just do the right things.

To the group of individuals that put up with more than anyone ever realizes. To the group of individuals that are in tune to their fears and instincts. To the group of individuals that can multitask continually, develop an action plan in seconds, and hang their careers on it daily to constantly save the day.

To the group of individuals that know stress and worry but keep their sense of humor. To the group of individuals that can get a fight call at 2 am and enter a dark backyard having no idea what to expect and more often than not, save the lives of people that don't understand how important the next few seconds are to listen and put their hands in the air.

Call it patience or restraint but we save more lives than people would understand. Blessed to be a police officer. Through it all, our police officer's remain some of the strongest individuals I know of.