American Pit Bull Terrier Ambassador

All of the Pit Bulls heart and strength is contained in a 70 lb. medium sized dogs frame. All of his loyalty and passion is within his canine heart.

When he was a puppy, he was a blank canvas with potential across the spectrum. He knows only love. He knows his family is important and he would give his very life for ours. This is the real bulldog.

A dog of majestic proportions and qualities of courage and forward that we all could learn from and admire. He is my training partner as I train strongman in the garage. He is always out there with me.

He often trains on the spring-pole where his intensity and heart are displayed in a way that holds something from another time our place. He knows no quit. He knows no pity.

He allows his boy age 7 to rough house with him, jump on him, tease him, and he waits with patience that amazes me. He is the dog that follows me wherever I go just to be close.

He is the dog that lays his head on my lap and knows when I am having a bad day. This is is the dog that lives and would die for his family.

The dog that can jump and move like he weighs 30 lbs. The dog that can pull the neighborhood kids in a winter sled like he weighs 160 lbs. The dog that fits no mold.

His best friend in the dog world is a 140 lb. female Great Pyrenees. They play rough and their sizes blend nicely to allow this friendship. 

We should all seek to learn something from this special breed of dog. The real Pit Bull is a composite of what we all are. Often labeled and misunderstood. Often disrespected and accused.

This is the dog that through years of misfortunes and abuses continues to go forward with trust for the humankind. This is the dog that refuses to quit. The gameness of his heart knows only forward. This breed has lessons and experiences in it's history that are dark and heavy but with those has created something very rare. 

Look deep in the eyes of a Pit Bull and there is an intensity and focus like no other. Look a little deeper and there is a pain in those eyes. That pain was built on years of problems and tests for this breed. This breed continues to live for us with no grudge. This breed deserves a lot of our love and attention.

I am a very proud owner and ambassador of the amazing and special American Pit Bull Terrier.