Anybody Else Missing Their Grandma?

I miss my grandma who I knew as nana and I am sure many of you that have lost yours can relate. She passed away peacefully on March 25th 2010.
I wrote this and read it at her funeral. I am sharing as I imagine many of your grandma's touched your lives and you will relate to much of this. I included this in my blogs to share how much she is so dearly missed. Here is what I read that day at her funeral.
I stand here today on the brink of tears but smiling from my soul. I have lost my nana and it is with great honor that I have the opportunity to speak about her. I have some of the greatest memories in my life that I owe to my dear nana. 
One of my most reminiscent memories was as a child, laying in bed with grandpa and nana as we all read a book together.  I would lay in the middle of their bed and even at the age of 5, I knew I was surrounded by two of the most wonderful people in my life.
My nana was so loving and selfless. I remember when I was a young kid and we could come to visit from Fergus Falls. I would get down on the floor and lay with their dog Molly.
Nana was always close as I did this and I would look up to see her smiling at me with such genuine love. Nana used to walk with me down the street in front of her home. She would hold onto my hand and I always felt so safe and loved when she would do this. She had such a sincere way about her and when she smiled, talked, laughed, cried, or reached out, it was from her heart.
She taught me what it truly means to love.  She loved her friends and family so very much. She knew the importance of having family close. Her holiday dinners were vital. Her chats with me on the phone often gave me renewed strength. 
When I found out nana fell and got very hurt, I went to the hospital to see her.  It was so difficult to see her hurting. I wanted so badly to reverse time and keep her from that ordeal but that was just not possible. I got to see her several times after the fall.
I brought my son with most of those times so he could be in the presence of his wonderful great-nana. When she was in the hospital bed in her condition I was stunned to see something that touched the depths of my heart.
She smiled at me with the same sweet smile she always has. She didn’t even allow her condition to affect that smile. She held my hand, and although she was weakened by this, she squeezed with the same loving confidence I remember from her younger years.
As I leaned in for a kiss on her cheek, she found a way to turn her head while in a neckbrace (somehow she made that happen) to ensure the kiss made it to her lips. As I watched her interact with the hospital staff and constant visitors, she could have been snotty, crabby, disgruntled, or rude as most people in her state would have been; instead she was polite, patient, and calm. 
In the hospital she often didn’t even want to talk about her. She often asked me about my workouts and preparation for my strongman contest. She asked me about work and my family. She asked me about my interests and goals. All of this reminded me of how she has always been. 
I learned some of the most important things in my life from nana. While she was in this condition the last month of her life, I may have learned even more important things from her. I learned that a genuine smile really can brighten the day. 
Holding a hand of someone you love dearly lets you know that you are loved so strong. A kiss from your grandparent may last a few seconds but lives with you forever. Regardless of all the excuses to dismiss those around you, the truest test of character lies in how you treat others when it would be easier to be selfish. 
Many people don’t listen but instead wait for their moment to talk; she showed me that being genuinely interested in others when it seems obvious the attention should be on them, is something so beautiful and refreshing.
I am so fortunate and blessed to have had the honor of getting to know my Nana.  She will live in my heart forever. I am saddened she is gone but optimistic she is watching down from heaven. She is pain free and with grandpa, her parents, and so many others that have patiently waited for her hand.
She smiles down at our family for the love shown to her and one another during this tough time. I saw so many amazing examples of love from the many involved in her care over the last month. I saw support and eveyone reaching out to each other.
I got to see my cousins show up to see her and make all sorts of sacrifices to be in her presence. I saw some of the deepest love I have ever seen. The greatest honor we all could have given nana was showing that her influences are in our hearts and minds. She is sincerely proud to see her family have this incredible love for one another.
God Bless you nana. We all are improved from who you were, what you stood for, your generosity, your heart, your words, your selflessness, you.