Make Me Stronger

I hit a new personal record tonight on the double overhand axle fat bar that is 1.92 inches around. I lifted 365 lbs, 385 lbs PR, and finally 390 lbs PR. I was thinking a lot about my mom (RIP) today.

I train strongman and when my mom died, I had nothing in my tank so to speak. It was tough to keep training but I forced my training knowing it was important.

I needed to do what I always have done which is to train with a purpose and with fire so I did. Suddenly I had more strength then ever before. I lift with tears sometimes as I miss her so much. I draw on all these emotions to get in a place to lift this way. Before my mom passed away, I was never been able to get my mind to focus to this degree.

I think of her with every heavy atlas stone lifted to my chest and heavy log press, boulder presses, etc.

My two training partners were with me like always tonight which were Brutus my Pit Bull and my beautiful mom in my heart.

She's right here in and out of training. Without her I thought I was weak..I was painfully wrong, it just took awhile. Stronger and wiser always.