Minnesota Winter Strongman Training

I am pumped up to train strongman with fellow lifter Evan in about an hour. A cold garage that we will dress up to accordingly. Ice cold bars and plates. My son's snowman that he made in the garage several days ago is still there.

A propane heater is lit to only take the sting and zap of minus temps out of the air. This is strongman in the dead of winter and there is no desire for a gym, warmth, or any real comforts. The comforts are in the connection to old time strongman training of old. To a time when lifting was necessary and strength was a byproduct of necessity.

Today's strongman training session will be deadlifts off of car jacks and also deadlifts off of a giant tractor tire. I have been looking forward to this workout with lifter Evan. Not many would be excited by the suggestion to dress warm. He was.

The cold elements of this Minnesota day are as much a part of this training as the movements and implements. Stronger.