The Girl Of My Dreams

She came into my life at the perfect time. I have found my soulmate, the one that supports me always, the one that will tell me like it is, the one who sees my heart. 

I have found the girl I am attracted to from her heart, her soul, her personality, and her amazingly beautiful looks. I am so lucky to have her and I am thankful for how she sees me and loves me. She always notices me. 

She praises my strengths and has patience and guidance for my weaknesses. She goes far out of her way to always tell me what I mean to her. I am blessed for the connection I feel with her. I am stronger because of her. She supports and appreciates my love for strength training, arm wrestling, Pit Bulls, and policing in a way that make me feel unique and believed in. 

I am in love with her. She makes me happy. I look at my life and my search for understanding on the deepest level and could not ask for more. I have always dreamt of finding "the one" and I have found it in her. I love you beyond words. I cherish you from your head to your feet. 

She is kind, sincere, compassionate, beautiful, generous, patient, driven, smart, determined, honest, moral, outgoing, "tiny strong", precious, loving, personable, colorful, and pretty. 

All of my life I have waited for her. I love holding her hand. I love being her man.