The Heart Of The American Pit Bull Terrier

This is not a dog. This is a breed called many names such as Pit Bull, St. Francis Terrier, New Yorkies, Yankee Terrier, an APBT, an American Pit Bull Terrier, a Bulldog, a piece of America, a piece of all of us. This is the canine many of us describe when we want to talk about the strength of our will and heart "like a Pit Bull." 

This is the breed that comes to mind when we want to talk about unflagging courage, athleticism, grit, loyalty, esteem, strength, and determination "like a pit." The breed that has been exploited, chained, abused, misused, abandoned, and tested from his body to his heart. The breed that has lost his life while stopping a Rattlesnake from hurting our children in the play area, pulled her owner to safety in a burning home, and although severely injured, fought off an armed intruder that broke into their home. 

The breed that keeps wagging that tail and living to please whether our mission is pure and right or evil and wrong. This breed remains loyal. No canine alive at these size dimensions can compete uphill and give up 100 lbs of bodyweight and pull the same cart, same sled, same wagon, same anything as another breed. The breed that can climb a tree with determination alone. The breed that will remain patient and let kids jump on her chest from the bed above. The breed that we continually give up on but often grasp onto her strengths (heart of the Pit Bull) as they give us hope and strength in our journey. 

The breed we compare our powerful Ford F-250 to, our majestic and fast Chevy Corvette to, our resolved and disciplined marines to, and the American Staffordshire Terrier that gets introduced as a Pit Bull during the right moment when the owner wants to grab onto the extraordinary characteristics of a very close but removed cousin. This is the one and only American Pit Bull Terrier. 

The breed that has no limits to his capability and forward and bright soul. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to know this breeds heart. This is my American Pit Bull Terrier Brutus. He is all heart, strength, loyalty, and soul in a 70 lb. package that is larger than life.