The Greatest Blessing

You have no idea what it means to me to see you have an interest in strength training with me. I remember when you were a baby and you would be at my strongman and powerlifting competitions. You even joined me at the gym while you were in your carseat carrier.

As you've grown you have become more and more interested in the strongman implements and weights. I often train and you run over with your friends to show them what I am up to. 

You often energetically holler for me to do another rep. I don't think you always reason that I was only going to do one but your excitement got me four. Thanks for that. When I flip a tire in the street you ask to try it without any doubts in that incredible heart of yours that it's not worth a try.

A few years and you'll flip it. That attitude is motivating. That attitude is something very special. That attitude will be there for those tough times, sad times, unknown times, new times, and even others doubts.

You have your own boulder to lift as I lift mine. You have been asking more and more lately to have a bar set up next to mine so you can deadlift alongside me.

You joined me at my last arm wrestling competition and I heard you yelling "go dad!" and it gave me an increased level of strength in that moment. You watch as I bend Ironmind blue nails and when you asked to try it didn't budge. It didn't budge and I would expect that from most adults.

The thing that made me smile was in your careful wrap of the nail with the canvass wraps. Then you grasped the nail carefully at each end ensuring you were even on each side. You brought it up to your lower chin and got set identical to the way I do it. That touched my heart.

You have perfect deadlift form and at 7 years old, I watch as you place your feet just right and get that serious look in your eyes before you pull. Your setup mimics mine from prep, to start, to finish in the deadlift movement. You have a truck tire that you flip while I flip the tractor tire.

You set the handgripper in your hand and find the dogleg and although it is far too big in your hand, your setup technique is perfect. Your interest in strength training, arm wrestling, powerlifting, deadlifts, atlas stones, boulder lifting, grippers, nail and bolt bending, strongman, overhead pressing, tire flipping, squats, hundreds of pounds of chains hanging off a loaded bar, and learning the capabilities of your body are so special to see.

What is even more special is your heart, your mind, your adventurous spirit, your confidence, your kindness, your strong will, your genuine concern for everyone, and your impressive confidence and attitude. You make my life complete.

My strength starts and ends with you. As you grow each day I smile. I smile because you are a good person. You treat people kindly. You love life and wake up each morning excited for the day.

Your first day of first grade this year I asked you if you were nervous. You responded by saying "I am not nervous, you just have to be confident dad." You have no idea what that did as I was reminded by my 7 year old to stop worrying so much. To stop doubting at times. To get back that enthusiasm and wonder of children.

Without you realizing it, you give me hope in this world that is often so harsh and fast pace. I am stronger because of you.

Thanks for making me complete. Thanks for the gifts of watching you reach higher in all of your pursuits. Being your dad is a blessing. My strong son. Strong in heart, mind, body, and soul. Keep going.