The Rivers Edge

I grew up walking creek paths, swimming in rivers and off the shores of Lake Superior. I grew up catching crawfish and frogs.

Now I get glimpses of this incredible childhood. I am getting that glimpse right now. On a path in my hometown I made my way to the river. There are geese, an eagles nest, the sound of the steady flowing river, the blue sky's, the sun, the telltale sign of beaver chewed tree stumps, and trees that have enjoyed this spot for hundreds of years.

Away from bills and career. Just me and my dog. My loyal friend that can't focus on one thing as the geese sort of tease him with their calls from all parts of the nearby river. It feels warm here as the sun hits my face. I hold this moment close to my heart and reminisce of a time when you could have found me in this same place. I plan on taking my son here.

He will take this all in and again remind me of when I was 7 years old. I hope to never lose my joy of nature. This is refreshing for the soul.

Kyle Russeth