Your Good Dog Rosie

Through it all I'll stand beside you. Dinners to walks, laughter and yes tough and sad times to.

In life we have fortune and debt. Goals met, losses, births and a sad goodbye to a loved pet.

A good dog on her way over Rainbow Bridge soon, in her passing soon to be cuddled and petted through a sweet songs tune.

My greatest joy isn't always in our laughter, it's in the entire experience hand in hand with you that I am after.

It's in seeing your grin when you win. It's in support through our losses over and over again.

It's found in the ups and downs of life. It's in our constant belief in each other through the trials, tribulations, and strife.

In my life I need you with me. It's in the total soul connection that gives me what I seek to see.

As we say goodbye to your puppy of 16 years. Your confidant that loyally wants to dry your tears.

The memories that will guide you through. The pictures that will keep her close to you.

To your childhood dog that had a role in who you are. Thank you Rosie may you shine in her like a twinkling star.