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Loss of a Pet

I found Austin's hamster named Lovee dead this morning. The hamster that would run on his wheel for what seemed like the entire day and night. The hamster that was beyond intense. This was his first real pet that was his. At first it was business this morning taking care of him and cleaning his glass aquarium and such, but it suddenly hit me. I've lost so much as most people have as some years add up. So many people, pets, dreams, and even goals. Loss-the thing that takes as much as it gives as it takes innocence, peace, idealism and in exchange gives wisdom, humility, courage, appreciation, and adaptability. What a great bunch of life lessons to begin learning young. My childhood was rewarding and complete with turtles and ducks - dogs and cats - birds and fish - hamsters and rabbits - ferrets and frogs. Every stray was a potential pet. The dog down the street that was chained up all day I would visit daily. I see Austin now doing the same. I learned to appreciate everyth…

My Brother

I am so lucky to have such a great brother. Something that stands out in my life is how I got lost in Algebra in 9th grade and I just didn't get it. I came to him and without even having to read the lesson page, he taught me with his serious math, science, chemistry, physics genius mind. No rules, no confusing partial knowledge regurgitation, just a level of understanding and teaching that I have never seen in my life. Whatever you did it stuck and algebra was not hard for me after that. My brother that looked out for me then and looks out for me now. When so many are remaining quiet and turning their backs on the 99.9% of "give it all they have" police officers, he's always posting and sharing his support for me in my career-my heart. I gain more patience, more compassion, and more strength from knowing you're standing tall with me in this mission that was with me since I was very little. He's a husband and dad that I emulate in so many ways. When our mom di…

Game Heart

I've been at it for more than a minute, strong and in it to win it, forget trophies and metals as long as I have passion, effort, and no quit, I took three minutes to spit it, got something in my heart that nobody can mess with and that's a game pit.What is it? A game pit that won't quit, all heart and grit, kind, intense, and patient. 1% light through if this was window tint.It's the bulldog from the hill, never backing out or standing still, heart and will, his greatest hope is to pass on his gameness legacy in his will. This breed and all it stands for, a dog of athleticism with a heart that can take more. A dog of strength and courage that continues when the tears begin to pour. All mindset with presence in this pit, he'll give his life in loyalty I hope I'm man enough to deserve it. I'm feeling stronger than ever and slamming across life's ring, integrity and heart with purpose forget ching, those that get quiet when their life's scribe need s…

Forward Resolve

What if the weight was too heavy? What if a 235 lb. sandbag was heavy enough? What if three attempts all returning to the lap with no sandbag to chest were reached? What if everybody telling me to watch my back and be careful all these years was the best approach? What if a PR wasn't that big of deal? Wait a minute! No way! Flip the switch! This is my life! Stronger! Blood, sweat, and tears over the years! A 235 lb. sandbag + 172 lbs. of 3/8 chain hanging from it. Unconventional like always. Always willing to try a new technique. Always searching for that one bit of more in me to take hold of the very limits and doubts that try to paralyze us all. Three attempts with the thing chested on the fourth was in the cards when I sensed it. Forward. Resolve. All kinds of limits but not going out that easy. All kinds of easier ways but not about it. Put in work! Not looking for easier tasks but instead more out of me. Garage to life let's keep moving forward. God bless. Kyle Russeth