Forward Resolve

What if the weight was too heavy? What if a 235 lb. sandbag was heavy enough? What if three attempts all returning to the lap with no sandbag to chest were reached? What if everybody telling me to watch my back and be careful all these years was the best approach? What if a PR wasn't that big of deal? Wait a minute! No way! Flip the switch! This is my life! Stronger! Blood, sweat, and tears over the years! A 235 lb. sandbag + 172 lbs. of 3/8 chain hanging from it. Unconventional like always. Always willing to try a new technique. Always searching for that one bit of more in me to take hold of the very limits and doubts that try to paralyze us all. Three attempts with the thing chested on the fourth was in the cards when I sensed it. Forward. Resolve. All kinds of limits but not going out that easy. All kinds of easier ways but not about it. Put in work! Not looking for easier tasks but instead more out of me. Garage to life let's keep moving forward. God bless.
Kyle Russeth