Game Heart

I've been at it for more than a minute, strong and in it to win it, forget trophies and metals as long as I have passion, effort, and no quit, I took three minutes to spit it, got something in my heart that nobody can mess with and that's a game pit.

What is it? A game pit that won't quit, all heart and grit, kind, intense, and patient. 1% light through if this was window tint.

It's the bulldog from the hill, never backing out or standing still, heart and will, his greatest hope is to pass on his gameness legacy in his will.

This breed and all it stands for, a dog of athleticism with a heart that can take more. A dog of strength and courage that continues when the tears begin to pour.

All mindset with presence in this pit, he'll give his life in loyalty I hope I'm man enough to deserve it. I'm feeling stronger than ever and slamming across life's ring, integrity and heart with purpose forget ching, those that get quiet when their life's scribe need sharing, those that aren't caring, the pretenders hard staring.

I'm not stopping, while the wannabes quit i'll be lifting, writing forward through every hit , made a promise to my son, my mom, and my pit, I'll be passionate and never quit!