Loss of a Pet

I found Austin's hamster named Lovee dead this morning. The hamster that would run on his wheel for what seemed like the entire day and night. The hamster that was beyond intense.
This was his first real pet that was his. At first it was business this morning taking care of him and cleaning his glass aquarium and such, but it suddenly hit me. I've lost so much as most people have as some years add up. So many people, pets, dreams, and even goals.
Loss-the thing that takes as much as it gives as it takes innocence, peace, idealism and in exchange gives wisdom, humility, courage, appreciation, and adaptability. What a great bunch of life lessons to begin learning young. My childhood was rewarding and complete with turtles and ducks - dogs and cats - birds and fish - hamsters and rabbits - ferrets and frogs. Every stray was a potential pet.
The dog down the street that was chained up all day I would visit daily. I see Austin now doing the same. I learned to appreciate everything for what it brought to this world. I spent my childhood with animals that taught me to respect and appreciate their lives.
All life is important from my pillar of life being my mom in heaven to the tiniest heartbeat that has now stopped beating as forever freedom now lives in little Lovee. Life is a gift. Austin's heart is a big one. It isn't just a hamster-at all.