My Brother

I am so lucky to have such a great brother. Something that stands out in my life is how I got lost in Algebra in 9th grade and I just didn't get it. I came to him and without even having to read the lesson page, he taught me with his serious math, science, chemistry, physics genius mind. No rules, no confusing partial knowledge regurgitation, just a level of understanding and teaching that I have never seen in my life. Whatever you did it stuck and algebra was not hard for me after that. My brother that looked out for me then and looks out for me now. When so many are remaining quiet and turning their backs on the 99.9% of "give it all they have" police officers, he's always posting and sharing his support for me in my career-my heart. I gain more patience, more compassion, and more strength from knowing you're standing tall with me in this mission that was with me since I was very little. He's a husband and dad that I emulate in so many ways. When our mom died, he made sure to check on me, talk with me, listen, really listen, and let her bright soul carry on in his. All the ups and downs of life are richer with him in my life. To the other Russeth that keeps those feet moving forward-I love you brother. Family.