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She's Precious

To my lover and friend, my 10 out of 10, brains and beauty amazingness has no end, to my devoted and kind girlfriend, I adore your heart- your soul- and your hand, I adore your smile your feet tucked under covers or your toes in the sand, my precious sweetheart, I loved you from the start, I miss you when we are apart. I love you Katy doll

Functional Training Passion

Strongman to me is an important part of my life. Implements so rare and unique yet as common and similar as things we all lift, hold, carry, push, press, pull, and turn daily. Many of our farmers have adapted to a lifestyle of carrying and gripping things that would receive respect and admiration from some of the strongest people in the world. Many of our mechanics have adapted to a life of turning wrenches that have created a grip that the strongest strongmen, arm wrestlers, and grip people in the world would take notice. Strongman training with the barbells, farmer walk implements, giant tires, circus dumbbells, atlas stones, boulders, kegs, sandbags, and carry frame takes pieces of the functional and necessary concepts and things that made this great country. Functional strength allows us all to carry in bags of groceries in each hand. Functional strength allows us all to use a can opener and twist until the can opens to make dinner for the family. Functional strength allows us all…