Functional Training Passion

Strongman to me is an important part of my life. Implements so rare and unique yet as common and similar as things we all lift, hold, carry, push, press, pull, and turn daily.

Many of our farmers have adapted to a lifestyle of carrying and gripping things that would receive respect and admiration from some of the strongest people in the world. Many of our mechanics have adapted to a life of turning wrenches that have created a grip that the strongest strongmen, arm wrestlers, and grip people in the world would take notice.

Strongman training with the barbells, farmer walk implements, giant tires, circus dumbbells, atlas stones, boulders, kegs, sandbags, and carry frame takes pieces of the functional and necessary concepts and things that made this great country.

Functional strength allows us all to carry in bags of groceries in each hand. Functional strength allows us all to use a can opener and twist until the can opens to make dinner for the family.

Functional strength allows us all to walk our dogs and control the side to side and forward pulls of our excited best friends. Functional strength allows us to chop wood with an axe and carry the logs to the stack pile or to the fire pit.

Functional strength is in us all throughout every single day. Strongman training takes this functional strength to the next level. Strongman training is my passion. Strongman training makes you tough from the back to the grip. Strongman training strengths the mind.

I have always admired people of strength in mind and body. To everyone training and working in the functional strength concepts please know you are appreciated, noticed, and admired. Strongman training is more than lifting weights or trying to look good, it's a glimpse of all of us moving forward.