The Beauty and The Beast

We have an island we have been exercising on this week in Fort Myers Florida. Today Katy ran to the end and back. I have a boulder that I just had to lift. I have been wanting to lift this for days now. It's about 240-265 lbs. I got it onto the trail and was close to finding a different one given how heavy it felt.

I found the best setup spot and loaded it. I took a few minutes finding the perfect spot for weight distribution, the locations of roughness and jagged spots and where they would end up against my bare chest and arms. Like a jagged and uneven Husafell Stone (famous stone from Husafell Iceland) with decent grip spots, I carried it about 80 feet. The weight pressing the air from the lungs.

A few other lap to chest loads made this a strongman workout that will stand out for all of my life. The pick and carry were not nearly as amazing as the beautiful girl on the island with me. The same girl who so faithfully took pictures, told me to be careful, put away the "be careful" part knowing how I am, and putting in her own work with her devotion to walking, running, her workouts, and her "Whole 30.", and to me.

Therefore, the picture that gets posted isn't the beast, instead the beauty (and the boulder that kind of looks like a huge Bulldog.)