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Strength Team

Strongman training is a big deal in my life. Heavy weights, all seasons and conditions welcome, train through and around injuries and aches, odd implement training like atlas stones, farmer walks, blocks, and sandbags. There is truth in these moments when it's just me and a loaded barbell or boulder. Lift, press, pull, push, and hold. I sure love strength and find it's one of my very greatest ways to keep peace in my heart. Somewhere in the moments, I am with everyone in my life that brings or has brought strength of heart, mind, will, body, and soul to my life. All my strength is really from my dad, mom, my son, brother, girlfriend, grandpas and grandmas, friends, teachers, coaches, and the lessons along the way. Stronger with each step and a whole lot of passion. Some of the strongest people that ever walked this earth filled my life with their strength. Blessed.

Career Goals

At my parents house, I had placed this on the door to my bedroom in 1997 or so. I looked ahead with my career goals focused and I was completely enthusiastic to achieve them. In 2017, this still remains on the door to my old bedroom exactly as it was years ago. My parents never took it down. I have been in the law enforcement profession for over 14 years and it is one my very greatest honors to serve. The blessings are everywhere.


One night shift down with one to follow. It means the world to me to see my Mr. 8 even for a little while before the next shift.
I met my little man with his favorite remote control 4X4 truck to surprise him off the bus. A little walk on the nearby trails as he drove his truck around with enough adventure in his soul to keep the sun on me for the following night shift.
I love these little moments in time that allow everything to realign to what matters most. I love this son of mine so much.